An interesting project is occupying a lot of my attention right now but
I don't have time to handle it myself. This project would be an
interesting application if it was implemented using good cryptography,
but the current team lacks the background for it. They've asked me to
help find the right talent for them.

It needs: 

Experienced C++ programmer with cryptography implementation 

REQUIRED: 2+ Years C++, experience implementing SSL & TLS on an
application level (using public libraries, not a re-implementation of
the algorithms) for encryption and authentication. 

PREFERRED: 5+ years software engineering experience, Additional
cryptographic implementation experience a plus (DSA, ElGamal, CAST, AES,
Certificate Authorities and Public Key Infrastructure, etc).
Crossplatform, client-server (windows, linux, +). Can show a track
record of projects and results. Experience working on open source

Short to long-term, contract to employment possibilities. Remote or
local (SF Bay Area, CA) ok. 

Other opportunities in the dev team exist as well, but filling this
opening is the key focus right now. 

Please feel free to forward to any deserving individual. Principals
only, please.

- G

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