John Denker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Eric Rescorla wrote:
>> Uh, you've just described the ephemeral DH mode that IPsec
>> always uses and SSL provides.
> I'm mystified by the word "always" there, and/or perhaps by
> the definition of Perfect Forward Secrecy.  Here's the dilemma:
> On the one hand, it would seem to the extent that you use
> ephemeral DH exponents, the very ephemerality should do most
> (all?) of what PFS is supposed to do.  If not, why not?
> And yes, IPsec always has ephemeral DH exponents lying around.
> On the other hand, there are IPsec modes that are deemed to
> not provide PFS.  See e.g. section 5.5 of

Sorry, when I said IPsec I mean IKE. I keep trying to forget
about the manual keying modes. AFAICT IKE always uses the
DH exchange as part of establishment.


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