I already stumbled several times over OpenVPN but never
had the time to look at it in detail. Now I had but didn't
find many infos except "many lucky users" and few negative

I have two open points:
a) It would be good to hear from this community if there
are any negative aspects of OpenVPN (vs. IPsec VPNs).
b) I still have a problem with the term "SSL/TLS VPN". What
OpenVPN seems to do is use SSL for authentication and
key exchange/rekeying, but does use "ESP similar"
data protection schemes/formats. Does the usage of
SSL on a "control plane" make OpenVPN an "SSL VPN"?
This sounds to me like calling something a car just
because it uses a steering wheel... So far I thought
about SSL VPNs as doing everything over SSL (with
the known disadvantages...).

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