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Source: Peppercoin

Peppercoin Small Payments Processing Suite Available to First Data Channels
Wednesday February 2, 9:03 am ET

Small Transaction Suite Certified for Sale Through Processor's Merchant
Acquiring Partners

WALTHAM, Mass., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Peppercoin, a payments company that
enables profitable, new business models for low-priced digital content and
physical goods, today announced its Small Transaction Suite is authorized
for sale by First Data's merchant acquiring partners, to satisfy the small
payment needs of the 3.5 million merchant clients they serve.

Peppercoin offers merchants a hosted small-payment service, based on credit
and debit card usage, which enables merchants to optimize revenue and
profitability. Peppercoin is the only small-payment vendor that addresses
the digital, mobile and physical point-of-sale (POS) markets.

"Our agreement with First Data Merchant Services validates Peppercoin's
ability to deliver a desired and profitable small payment solution to the
financial services market, as well as the growing need for small payment
credit and debit card payments solutions," said Mark Friedman, president of
Peppercoin. "FDMS will enable a small payment business model that enhances
merchant and acquirer revenue with one complete payment application."

Significant Market Opportunity:

Consumers are demonstrating a clear and growing preference to use their
credit and debit cards for all sizes and types of purchases. In a 2004
study, Ipsos-Insight estimated that roughly 37.5 million US consumers would
choose to use their credit and debit cards for transactions below $5.

Each year, more than 354 billion cash transactions occur in the U.S. for
less than $5 at the physical point-of-sale, representing $1.32 trillion in
aggregate revenue. Leading markets include vending ($18 billion), parking
($10 billion), coin-op ($6 billion) and quick-serve-restaurants ($110

The online and mobile small payment opportunities are substantial as well;
fueled by music, games, video, publishing and services. TowerGroup
estimates the digital micropayments opportunity reached more than $3
billion in 2004. And a September 2004 Ipsos-Insight study revealed that, in
just one year, the number of US consumers who have made small online
purchases grew 250%, from 4 million to 14 million.

About Peppercoin, Inc.

Peppercoin enables profitable new business models for low-priced digital
content and physical goods. Peppercoin's small payment products help
merchants, banks, and other payments companies build market adoption
quickly through a flexible, consumer-friendly approach. Peppercoin
integrates easily with existing business models and systems to accelerate
revenues and increase profits while dramatically lowering transaction and
customer service costs. For more information visit
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 Source: Peppercoin

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