>>> Ian G <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 2/2/2005 6:38:46 PM >>>
> I'm just curious on this point.  I haven't seen much
> to indicate that Microsoft and others are ready
> for a nymous, tradeable software assets world.

No, and neither are corporate customers, to a large extent.

Accountability is, in fact, a treasured property of business computing.

Lack of accountability creates things like Enron, Anderson Consulting,
Oil-for-Food scams, and the missing 9 billion dollars or so of
reconstruction aid.  It's the fuel that propells SPAM, graft, and
identity theft.

What I've not seen is much work providing accountability for anonymous

It's a shame people persist in thinking a single solution will satify
everyone, as though computing was somehow different from everything else
in life.


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