Once again, the RSA Conference is upon us, and many of the 
corrospondents on these lists will be in San Francisco. I'd like to
see if anyone is interested in getting together. We've done this

At past conferences, we've had various levels of participation, 
from 50 down to 3. Since the BAC Physical Meetings seem
to have pretty well died out, I'd like to propose that those
of us who are interested get together for lunch or dinner 
at some point.

I'll be arriving on site Monday afternoon, and leaving Friday
morning. Thursday night, at least, is already spoken for.

At the moment, it looks like Monday or Tuesday night 
may be the best, though a lunch is also possible.

Any takers?

Peter Trei

RSA Data Security Conference
Dates: Feb 14-18 2005
Place: Moscone Center, San Francisco


While the full conference is rather expensive, note
that you can get a free Expo pass if you register online
by 5pm Feb 14th.

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