James A. Donald said:
>There seem to be a shitload of protocols, in addition to SPEKE 
>and DH-EKE
>Can anyone suggest a well reviewed, unpatented, protocol that 
>has the desired properties? 

Unpatented will be your biggest hurdle.

I collaborated on the development of a strong password protocol with the
explicit goal of having such a protocol that was not patented. For
details, see:

But while we got our employers to agree not to patent the algorithm,
neither we nor they are willing to defend it against infringement claims
by others. (It also has not been extensively reviewed. There is no
particular motivation for anyone to do so since its performance is
inferior to other schemes and its patent status is uncertain.)

Basically, there is no way to establish that any technology is
unpatented. The best you can do is hide behind someone with deeper
pockets than you do who is doing the same thing. Like hiding behind IBM
when using Linux.

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