Adam Fields wrote:
Given what may or may not be recent ToS changes to the AIM service,
I've recently been looking into encryption plugins for gaim.

Specifically, I note gaim-otr, authored by Ian G, who's on this list.

Just a quick note of clarification, there is a collision in the name Ian G. 4 letters does not a message digest make.

Gaim-otr as I understand it is authored by Nikita Borisov
and Ian Goldberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  It can be acquired

and here are some other links:

Just to confuse the issue I also am working on a private
instant messaging service which is markedly different, in
that I am taking a payment system and reworking it into an
IM system:

But I haven't got around to a download yet.  And it's not
AIM compatible, as it works through its host payment system.

Ian - would you care to share some insights on this? Is it ready for
prime time or just a proof-of-concept? Any known issues?

Over to Ian G.

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