Dan Kaminsky wrote:
Have you looked at their scheme?

    Secure Science is basically publishing a cipher suite implemented by
Tom St. Denis, author of Libtomcrypt.

Aha!  I seem to recall on this very list about
2 years back, Tom got crucified for trying to
invent his own simple connection protocol.  He
withdrew from doing useful work in creating a
new crypto protocol because of criticism here,
and the world is a poorer place for it.

I'd be interested to hear why he wants to
"improve" on AES.  The issue with doing that
is that any marginal improvements he makes
will have trouble overcoming the costs
involved with others analysing his work.
Using AES is just efficient, it allows us all
to say, "right, ok, next question" in 2 seconds
and then easily recommend his product.

Still, even if he hasn't got any good reasons,
I'd still support his right to try.

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