John, yes, I believe the Trojan ran on Windows. In fact, I just met my kids schoolmaster, and turns out she was also a victim of that person - already 3-4 years ago!!! Her daughter learned with his in the same school, and apparently he got mad at them and started abusing them in the most crazy ways - for instance, he intercepted family pictures sent to them, and _disfigured_the_pictures!! She went to the police but I guess was less lucky and they didn't find him, she changed computers, dial-up connection, etc. etc...

As you say - movie stuff. Amir

John Saylor wrote:

( 05.05.30 15:34 +0200 ) Amir Herzberg:

See more info e.g. at

an excellent tale [still unfolding]- no doubt coming to a bookstore or
movie theatre near you real soon.

of course, it was never mentioned in the article, but they *had* to be
running windows.

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