J.A. Terranson wrote:

So, how long before someone, possibly even me, points out that all
Checkpoint software is built in Israel?

Nicely put, but I think not quite fair. From friends in financial and other companies in the states and otherwise, I hear that Trojans are very common there as well. In fact, based on my biased judgement and limited exposure, my impression is that security practice is much better in Israeli companies - both providers and users of IT - than in comparable companies in most countries. For example, in my `hall of shame` (link below) you'll find many US and multinational companies which don't protect their login pages properly with SSL (PayPal, Chase, MS, ...). I've found very few Israeli companies, and of the few I've found, two actually acted quickly to fix the problem - which is rare! Most ignored my warning, and few sent me coupons :-) [seriously]

Could it be that such problems are more often covered-up in other countries? Or maybe that the stronger awareness in Israel also implies more attackers? I think both conclusions are likely. I also think that this exposure will further increase awareness among Israeli IT managers and developers, and hence improve the security of their systems.
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