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1. This doesn't have any effect on non-SSL-protected sites (e.g.
AmEx,... see `Hall of Shame`). And of course assumes users will notice the use of non-SSL-site...

Vooooowww.. I didn't know that AmEx is not ssl protected ;))

Before user credentials are passed to site, site certificate are sent to client browser, then certificate are accepted/denied, ssl tunnel is established/access denied:

As is clearly stated in messages you referred to, we all know Amex's site invoke SSL to encrypt the password. The problem is that a fake Amex site would not; and the user has no way to distinguish. Essentially, Amex site is secure against the (unlikely) eavesdropper, but not against the (much more likely) spoofer or the stronger (but possible) MITM.

Is this site ssl proteceted? Shame Hall isn't so "shamy" ;)
So, my claims in Hall of Shame remain. Or do you want to protect the Amex process? This will be interesting.
Keep CA whitelist in SSL termination Proxy, and deny all others (including sef-signed site certs).
You could of course do this filtering without also terminating the tunnel at your proxy. I agree that such filtering (without breaking the tunnel) is an advisable thing to do.
80% of users don't know what is the certificate. Imho, much better is trust this task to SSL termination proxy...
I agree most users don't know what's a CA doing and what's a PK cert. But my intuition - and research - show that they can learn very quickly if we use simple words instead of jargon. In TrustBar, we display the name/logo of the site, followed by the words `identified by` and the name/logo of the CA. Our (limited) testing shows users understand this very well. And of course this does not prevent you from also blocking in a proxy any CAs you don't trust. Let the user decide among these you can't rule out.
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