On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Jerrold Leichter wrote:
> The banks, operating through the clearing agents, could if they wished
> impose a requirement on the way names appear in billing statements,
> regardless of how the names appear on contracts.  Alternatively,
> they could at least require that an end-user-familiar name be made
> available in whatever database records all merchants, which the banks
> obviously have access to.

A bank once told me that it was impossible for them to convert from an
unintelligible name on a credit card statement into any other kind of
name whatsoever (and certainly not into an end-user-familiar name),
and impossible for them to show me a copy of any document whatsoever
that might be related to the charge; however, they said that if I
repudiated the charge, then they could get a copy of the voucher
or other documents.  So I repudiated the charge, but the bank was
still unable or unwilling to show me the promised copies of relevant
documents.  The merchant eventually contacted me about the repudiated

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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