James A. Donald
> > Is it possible for two web sites to arrange for
> > cross logins?

Steve Furlong
> Does this question have a practical end in mind? If
> so, can you simplify matters by running both web sites
> on the same host?

The situation envisaged is that A.com is known to B.com,
and trusted by them, but B.com is unknown to A.com.

The context is that I observe in existing internet
currencies a lot of remarkably clumsy procedures to
verify that X is the rightful account holder of account
Y.   Typically the web site that you are trying to
register with will make a microspend to your account,
and you then have to demonstrate knowledge of that

It is apparent that tools to facilitate transactions
need to be integrated with nym management software and
reputation management software.

This was discussed long ago, back in the days of the
extropian list, even before the cypherpunks lis, but
though a decade has passed, such an integrated tool set
does not yet exist. 

         James A. Donald

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