> Hurdles for High-Tech Efforts to Track Who Crosses Borders
> The government's effort to collect biometric data to track foreigners
> visiting the U.S. has fallen far short of its goals.

Well, this article is somewhat blurry. They start by
"Hoping to block the entry of criminals and terrorists"
whereas even immigration officers agree that that's not
one of their goals.

Fortunately, they then cite some politician:

"When it's all in place, there's still no real additional
security or at least it's of marginal value" which is, as
we all know, correct.

BTW, on some airports DHS does indeed take one's fingerprint
and photos when leaving the country. They currently do so
at Baltimore for example.

What worries me is that all the information collected
can be, and will be, misused eventually.

What worries me even more is that the europeans now
feel under pressure and happily will introduce the
very same crap.


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