Tim Dierks wrote:
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On 8/24/05, Ian G <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Once you've configured iChat to connect to the Google Talk service, you may
receive a warning message that states your username and password will be
transferred insecurely. This error message is incorrect; your username and
password will be safely transferred.

iChat pops up the warning dialog whenever the password is sent to the
server, rather than used in a hash-based authentication protocol.
However, it warns even if the password is transmitted over an
authenticated SSL connection.

I'll leave it to you to decide if this is:
 - an iChat bug
 - a Google security problem
 - in need of better documentation
 - all of the above
 - none of the above

none of the above.  Using SSL is the wrong tool
for the job.  It's a chat message - it should be
encrypted end to end, using either OpenPGP or
something like OTR.  And even then, you've only
covered about 10% of the threat model - the

But, if people do use the wrong tool for the
job, they will strike these issues...


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