On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 09:28:19AM +0200, Amir Herzberg wrote:
| John Gilmore wrote:
| >>I wrote an overview of Cryptographic Protocols to Prevent Spam, 
| >
| >I stopped reading on page V -- it was too painfully obvious that Amir
| >has bought into the whole censorship-list based "anti-spam" mentality.
| John, I'm disappointed; I expected you to be more tolerant. You got mad 
| at me at page V which is still just reviewing the basic e-mail 
| architecture related to spam. In this part, I explained what open-relays 
| are and why people may try to disconnect from them, and described 
| port-25 blocking which is common practice and necessary to protect 
| domains from being blacklisted.

"necessary to protect domains from being blacklisted."?

How about the more factual:   "Is used as a decision factor by many of
the programmers who create blacklist-creation tools?"

Blacklists are not like blackholes, a natural result of laws of
nature.  They are the product of human action, and the people who made
decisions around them ought to own up to the fact that they are making


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