OpenSSL version 0.9.7i released

   OpenSSL - The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

   OpenSSL 0.9.7h caused crashes when the shared libcrypto was
   upgraded.  This release fixes that problem.  For those who want
   or have to stay with the 0.9.7 series of OpenSSL instead of using
   the 0.9.8 series, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to OpenSSL
   0.9.7h soon as possible.  For a complete list of changes, please

   OpenSSL 0.9.7i is available for download via HTTP and FTP from the
   following master locations (you can find the various FTP mirrors


   The distribution file names are:

     * openssl-0.9.7i.tar.gz
       MD5 checksum: f69d82b206ff8bff9d0e721f97380b9e
       SHA1 checksum: 4c23925744d43272fa19615454da44e01465eb06

   The checksums were calculated using the following commands:

    openssl md5 openssl-0.9.*.tar.gz
    openssl sha1 openssl-0.9.*.tar.gz


   The OpenSSL Project Team...

    Mark J. Cox             Nils Larsch         Ulf Möller
    Ralf S. Engelschall     Ben Laurie          Andy Polyakov
    Dr. Stephen Henson      Richard Levitte     Geoff Thorpe
    Lutz Jänicke            Bodo Möller

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