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> I can't understand why they didn't just use TLS for the handshake (maybe
> YASSL) and IPsec sliding-window + ESP for the transport (there's a free
> minimal implementation of this whose name escapes me for use by people who
> want to avoid the IKE nightmare).  Established, proven protocols and
> implementations are there for the taking, but instead they had to go out
> and try and assemble something with their own three hands (sigh).

Do you have some articles about these protocols? I can't find anything on
your webpage, and a newbie (like myself) can't distinguish between well
designed and badly designed protocols. Can you recommend such a collection
of well designed protocols for various purposes? With implementation caveats
if possible?

(I haven't looked at it in a long time - is Handbook of Applied Cryptography
a good reference for this?)


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