On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Terence Joseph wrote:
> The Pseudorandom Number Generator specified in Ansi X9.17 used to be one of
> the best PRNGs available if I am correct.  I was just wondering if this is
> still considered to be the case?  Is it widely used in practical situations
> or is there some better implementation available?  What would be the
> advantages/disadvantages of modifying the Ansi X9.17 PRNG to use AES instead
> of 3DES? Is this feasible at all?

It is now called ANSI X9.31 Appendix A.2.4


and yes, there is

 NIST-Recommended Random Number Generator
 Based on ANSI X9.31 Appendix A.2.4
 Using the 3-Key Triple DES and AES Algorithms


Btw, anybody was lucky enough to cache the draft of X9.82 which was
posted on the NIST site some time ago?


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