R. A. Hettinga wrote:
>   In its application, Apple describes a means of securing code using
>   either a specific hardware address or read-only memory (ROM) serial
>   number. Apple also talks about securing the code while interchanging
>   information among multiple operating systems. Mac OS X, Windows and
>   Linux are called out specifically in the filing.

I'd normally suggest finding prior art for this, since its a technique
that's been in use for decades, at least, but in this case I'm quite
happy to see the whole field become a morass of patents.

>   "This invention relates generally to the field of computer data
>   processing and more particularly to techniques for creating tamper-
>   resistant software," Apple says in its patent filing. Specifically,
>   Apple refers to the technique of "code obfuscation," in which
>   software makers employ techniques that make it harder for those using
>   debuggers or emulators to figure out how a particular block of code
>   is working.

Will they never learn?

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