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Subject: Re: Fermat's primality test vs. Miller-Rabin

Joseph Ashwood wrote:
Granted this is only a test of the
generation of 128 numbers, but I got 128 primes (based on 128 MR rounds).

That doesn't make sense, unless I'm misinterpreting what you are saying. Primes
aren't that common, are they?

Apparently, they are, I'm ran a sample, but even with the added second sanity check, every one of them that passes a single round comes up prime.

I then proceeded to move it to 2048-bit numbers. It takes longer and the gaps between primes is averaging around 700 right now, but once again if it passes a single test it passes all 128+128. This sample is currently statistically completely insignificant, but even after the currently 8 tries I'd expect something different. Joe

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