At 9:57 AM -0600 12/12/05, Travis H. wrote:
Would a wiki specifically for crypto distribute the burden enough to be useful?
Or should we just stick to wikipedia?  Is it doing a satisfactory job?

I cannot answer the first question: I am leery of wikis that have open posting rights, and I am leery of trusting anyone to maintain the posting rights and document quality of a wiki without being paid (either in money or whuffie) to do so.

The second and third questions can be answered with "no". Someone wrote a fairly poor article on VPNs. That article has been flagged as needing a lot of work. I proposed a few weeks ago (in the meta-discussion) to do it, but was concerned that doing so would step on toes and seem invasive. No one has responded to that, not even the people who flagged the article as needing work.

In other words, Wikipedia is trying to correct problems, but doesn't have the personpower to do so in a predictable fashion.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

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