>> Some Americans, analysts note, are already using a version of e-
>> cash to bypass toll lanes on highways.

>Don't take that as a sign of consumer acceptance, though.  In
>Illinois, if you won't pre-pay your tolls in $40 increments, you will
>pay double the rate in cash at the toolbooth.

Here in the northeast where E-ZPass is much more established, the
discounts for using the pass are much smaller unless you get a
commuter plan, but they're extremely popular because they save a great
deal of time.  In New Jersey, they've redone several high-volume toll
plazas so the road splits with the right lanes going to toll booths
and the left lanes running under a grid of pass readers where you
don't even slow down.  The prepay increment is only $15.

> And the electronic system is anything but anonymous.

No argument there.  I always figured that I'll use my pass for normal
travel but wrap it in foil and pay cash when I'm disposing of my
political opponents' bodies.  "Couldn't have been me, my car has a
pass.  Look at all these toll logs."


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