Ian G wrote:
>> BTW, illustrating points made here, the cert is for
>> financialcryptography.com
>> but your link was to www.financialcryptography.com.  So of course Firefox
>> generated a warning....
> Indeed.... and even if that gets fixed we still have
> to contend with:
>   * the blog software can't handle the nature of a
>     TLS site (internal problems like non-working
>     trackbacks, internal links, posts, ...)
>   * the cert has to be shared with 3 other sites
>   * Firefox will still warn about it being a CAcert
>     signed certificate
>   * ...  I'm sure there's more.
> Hopefully over the next year, the webserver (Apache)
> will be capable of doing the TLS extension for sharing
> certs so then it will be reasonable to upgrade.

In fact, I'm told (I'll dig up the reference) that there's an X509v3
extension that allows you to specify alternate names in the certificate.
I'm also told that pretty much every browser supports it.

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