On Sat, Feb 25, 2006 at 07:33:38PM +0100, Ian G wrote:
> areas.  The fact is that SSH came in with a solution
> and beat the other guy - Telnet secured over SSL.  It
> wasn't the crypto that did this, it was the key management,
> plain and simple.

Very few people I knew at the time moved to SSH because it was "more
secure" and because "passwords weren't in plaintext". Most of the
people moved because of the things you could do with SSH above and
beyond telnet (port forwarding, X11 forwarding etc). In fact, the
latter is the main reason I moved - it dated before i started taking
an interest in security. Not to say that there weren't *any* who had
the security reasons for moving, but then kerberized telnet existed
too at that point in time.



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