Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Ben Laurie:
>> I don't use PGP - for email encryption I use enigmail, and getting
>> missing keys is as hard as pressing the "get missing keys" button.
> A step which has really profound privacy implications.
> I couldn't find a PGP key server operator that committed itself to
> keeping logs confidential and deleting them in a timely manner (but I
> didn't look very hard, either).  Of course, since PGP hasn't
> progressed as faster as our computing resources, I'm nowadays in a
> position to run my own key server, but this is hardly a solution to
> that kind of problem.

OK, I buy the problem, but until we do something about the totally
non-anonymising properties of the 'net, revealing that I want the public
key for some person seems to be quite minor - compared, for example, to
revealing that I sent him email each time I do.



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