You and I are in agreement, but how do we get
the seemingly (to us) plain truth across to
others?  I've been trying for a good while now,
reaching a point where I'd almost wish for a
crisis of some sort as persuasiveness is not

for other drift ... the stuff about call record analysis with regard to social networking has been topic in datamining conferences for at least a couple years ... both academia and industry. the cellphone companies appear to be especially interested in it, for various kinds of capacity planning and marketing purposes (I think some academia even have contracts with cell phone companies researching this area).

several months ago my wife had extensive communication with an editor doing some background stuff on datamining. some of it showed up in an article somewhat spun for the current situation

Info Mining & Sharing are Controversial Co-Dependents, part 1:

my wife's quotes liberally lace part 2:

Data Mining "Disrupts & Enables"

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