At 08:05 AM 5/11/2006, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
Let me again remind people that if you do not inform your elected
representatives of your displeasure with this sort of thing,
eventually you will not be in a position to inform them of your
displeasure with this sort of thing.

I think begging elected representatives to acknowledge your rights is generally a waste of time, especially when there is powerful or ingrained opposition. The Civil Rights movement got nowhere until there was massive civil disobedience. Widespread deployment of generic and otherwise acceptable technologies that can be re-targeted for end-user controlled privacy (not what governments would like to see, which is privacy mediated by corporations, licensed professionals or other regulated entities they can easily pressure) and/or insistence of powerful and wealthy individuals that they have the privacy they deserve and get it in such a way as its easily unavailable to the average citizen.


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