"James A. Donald" writes:
 | <snip>
 | ASN.1 provided additional redundant information, making
 | possible unexpected data layouts that should not
 | normally happen.  It had too much expressive power, too
 | much flexibility.  It could express cases that one does
 | not expect to deal with, could flex in more ways than
 | one's software is likely to be written for.
 | <snip>

Sir,  There is a lesson here as important as
Fred Brook's "Adding people to a late project
makes it later" and I urge you to put this in
some form of "print" at your earliest capability.
No, not urge but rather beg.


P.S., If needing further examples, take a shot at
the fattest, sittingest duck -- the PERL credo:
"There's more than one way to do it."

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