Am Donnerstag, den 12.10.2006, 14:31 -0400 schrieb Ivan Krstić:
> Kuehn, Ulrich wrote:
> > Who is "we"? In the case of my own system I payed for (so speaking
> > for myself) I would like to have such a mechanism to have the system
> > prove to me before login that it is not tampered with. The TCG
> > approach does not provide this. 
> What does "prove" mean here? Does having a hash of the system state for
> visual inspection before boot do it?

The problem is, just displaying anything like a hash value won't help.
You will need a second device to do a RPA. This device could be a much
smaller one, at least in theory, something like a mobile phone or an pda
would be sufficient.

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