David Wagner wrote:
> Jim Hughes writes:
>> The IEEE P1619 standard group has dropped LRW mode. It has a  
>> vulnerability that that are collisions that will divulge the mixing  
>> key which will reduce the mode to ECB.
> This is interesting.  Could you elaborate on this?  I suspect we could
> all learn from the work the IEEE P1619 working group is doing.
> I tried to trawl the P1619 mailing list archives to find some detailed
> analysis on the topic of collisions, as you suggested, but I probably
> wasn't looking in the right places.  The closest I found was this message:
>   http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1619/email/msg01322.html
> which estimates that if one continuously accesses the disk for 4.6
> years (roughly the average life time of a disk), the chances of seeing
> a collision are about 1/2^29.  Is that the analysis that triggered the
> concern over collisions?

Google is your friend:



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