Special block cipher family DN and hash function family HDN

Notes from the Hash Futures Panel, 
Santa Barbara, USA, August 24-25, 2006,
(Paul Hoffman): "...At the end of this topic, Joux says that we do
not understand what we are doing and that we do not really know what
we want; there is agreement from all the panelists."

I would like to announce: "Special block cipher family DN and 
new generation SNMAC-type hash function family HDN", IACR 
ePrint archive Report 2007/050, and source codes, including 
a benchmark, available on homepage 
The paper also contains an explanation why we need the new 
cryptographic primitive for hash functions.

In the paper introducing SNMAC ( I 
briefly explained why a classical block cipher is not an appropriate
building block for compression function of a hash function. 
However, I think I didn't stress enough the need for a new 
cryptographic primitive to build hash functions. 
I think that the difference between a compression function and 
a classical block cipher is just the difference between 
"what we want" and "what we are doing".
The differences are briefly:
classical block cipher 
compression function:
it contains an element, unknown to the attacker 
the attacker knows all inputs and is able to manipulate with them
its goal is to hide the plaintext structure and content in the 
ciphertext, this is based on a secret element, 
unknown to the attacker
its goal is to hide all structure and content of all inputs
in the output, this is based on a public function 
if the key is not variable, the function is a permutation
we need random transformation
it is easy to create collisions
we need the protection against it
Hope that the new concept will be discussed.
Best regards,
Vlastimil Klima

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