At 04:40 PM 2/20/2007, Adam Back wrote:
There is quite some underinformed speculation as critique on the
thread...  Its interesting to see people who probably understand SSL,
SMIME and stuff at least at a power user if not programmer level, try
to make logical leaps about what must be wrong or limited about
unlinkable credential schemes.  Shows the challenges faced in
deploying this stuff.  Cant deploy what people dont understand!

I certainly relate with that. Much of what is widely deployed fits that category with me. But then, look at how successful fiat money, paper money, is. That is certainly not understood by most, but it does not have the problem of lack of deployment. So maybe trust and understanding are not related with each other and we need to understand this point better.

In actuality, most stuff is not understood. Who understands how their cars work, or their airplane rides across the country, or their computers, banks, medical systems and on and on?

I say Adam has a good point, but maybe it's the wrong one. :)

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