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has this been mentioned here before?

Yes. It is old news, Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram mentioned it in April 2004, actually [1].

Never seen anything in real world which is such a precise analogon of
a crypto backdoor for governmental access.

Welcome to the "real world". Things suck here.

Ironically, they advertise it as a big advantage and important feature,
since it allows to arrive with the lock intact and in place instead of
cut off.

Some of apparently have the feature that you can tell *IF* the TSA has opened them with their master-keys. You are supposed to find a TSA notice in your bag if it has been opened and searched. Although I'm not sure whether you can really raise hell if they forget to stick the notice in there after having searched your bag.

This is the point where I decided to have nightmares from now on.

G'night then.


[1] Crypto-Gram Newsletter, April 15th, 2004

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