made two pictures of the padlock with the backdoor:


shows the TSA keywhole: Just a very simple standard 
key cylinder, pretty easy to produce a general key from any lock. 

But that's waste of time. The lock suffers from the same weakness
almost all locks of this kind do: You don't need any key or code 
to open them: See 


The 'secret' code is still 000. When you turn the wheels for
exactly 180 degree (thus the 5 is up on the rightmost wheel), 
you can see that chamfer of the axis on the left side of the rightmost wheel. 
It is visible, but must point down to open.

Turn the wheels until you see this, and then turn them another
180 degrees, and: "Open Sesame!"

So no need to bother with a TSA key. Open it directly. 


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