Dear cryptographers,

Prof. Sjouke Mauw and myself would like to invite you and your students to
submit research papers
to the 2nd Benelux Workshop on Information and System Security (WISSEC)
which will take place
*September 20-21, 2007 in Luxembourg.

* The purpose of the workshop is to share ideas, experiences and information
on the following, or related, topics:

  - Design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms
  - Cryptographic and security protocols, formal verification
  - Network security, Internet security, Wireless security
  - Security for embedded systems, smart cards and RFID
  - Security of software and hardware systems
  - Privacy enhancing technologies
  - E-voting, e-banking, e-government
  - Financial cryptography and security
  - Content protection, DRM, watermarking
  - Biometrics
  - Standards for information security
  - Legal and social aspect of information security
  - Ethical hacking, protection against malware, spam

*Please visit the web-site to see the call for papers:*

The submission server of WISSec 2007 is now open at:

Please encourage your colleagues and students to submit papers for the
evaluation and feel free to advertise WISSec 2007!

Thank you for your help,
The WISSec 2007 program co-chairs
Alex Biryukov and Sjouke Mauw.
P.S: sorry if you get this mail twice.

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