On Wed, 2 May 2007, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> All cryptography is about economics. In crypto, we usually
> consider what the best strategy for an attacker is in terms of
> breaking a cryptosystem, but here I think the right question
> is what the optimal strategy is for the attacker in terms of
> maximizing economic pain for the defender.

I guess we should pay more attention to the real motivation of
the players. In my opinion it is very unlikely that attackers
want to "maximize economic pain" of the defender, it is more
believable that they simply want to be the first to solve the
challenge. If it is a good approximation, then the best strategy
is to release the keys as fast as possible.

It is not obvious what the defender's motivation is: despite
their claims (do they believe themselves?) it seems unlikely that
DVD sales are significantly affected by availability of the
decryption keys or the ripped content. I guess the only problem
they have is the embarrassing situation due to PR. If it is
a good approximation, then likely the best strategy is to revoke
keys a couple of times to make public less interested and
pretend that everything is OK.


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