At 11:08 PM 6/26/2007, John Lowry wrote:

...  Also, a small revolution has been taking place while
discussion (on this list anyway) has focused on 1st generation QKD. Several very high speed (up to nominal line speed) systems have been proposed. Long-haul all- optical networks
are being researched, and some will be built.  The problem of  authentication
is well understood, even it it hasn't been solved.

Hmmm, this is very interesting "bootstrapping" and false matching.

1. You are mentioning "1st generation QKD". Do we have now 2nd generation of QKD? Where the "1st generation QKD" was applied and used? Nowhere! What are "the upgrades" and the new things
that "2nd generation QKD" has?

"Our 1st generation of Snake Oil was excellent, but unfortunately was sharply attacked by the people from the field of Cryptology, and consequently it was not broadly accepted. But wait a minute, we have come now with our 2nd generation of Snake Oil. It is even better than the first one, and it is cheaper. Previously if you had to pay $100,000 per year for the secure link, now you have to pay 10 times less i.e. only $10,000. That is $90,000 saving per year, and imagine for what scientific purposes you can spend those $90,000. ..."

2. All optical networks are reality and nowadays are built even for home-end users. What that fact has to do with "x-th generation of QKD"? In your post you are using the success in one field in Physics to advocate possible acceptance of another (Quantum Cryptography). While, the optical physics has and will have one of the crucial roles in modern and future Internet (taking care about the physical layer of the network), QC is trying to offer better solutions (or replace some parts) of a well developed, well established, and well applied scientific field (The field of Cryptology). My opinion is that it won't happen. Dead end.


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