SSH (OpenSSH) is routinely used in secure access for remote server
maintenance. However, as I see it, SSH has a number of security issues
that have not been addressed (as far I know), which create unnecessary

Some issues could be minimized by turning off password authentication,
which is not practical in many cases. Other issues can be addressed by
additional means, for example:

1. firewall port-knocking to block scanning and attacks
2. firewall logging and IP disabling for repeated attacks (prevent DoS,
block dictionary attacks)
3. pre- and post-filtering to prevent SSH from advertising itself and
server OS
4. block empty authentication requests
5. block sending host key fingerprint for invalid or no username
6. drop SSH reply (send no response) for invalid or no username

I believe it would be better to solve them in SSH itself, as one would
not have to change the environment in order to further secure SSH.
Changing firewall rules, for example, is not always portable and may
have unintended consequences.

So, I'd like to get list input (also by personal email if you think your
comment might be out of scope here),  on issues #1-6 above and if you 
have other SSH security issues that you would like to see solved /in SSH/.

Ed Gerck

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