For years, the Election Integrity Committee of the Pima County
Democratic Party has been trying to improve the security of the 
elections systems used in local elections. The results include:
 -- a dozen or so suggestions that they made were actually accepted
  and implemented by the county.
 -- there was a criminal investigation by the Attorney General's 
  office into the actions of Pima County Division of Elections 
  personnel, but no charges were brought.
 -- last but not least, they wanted access (after each election) to 
  the record of votes cast, but the county refused, leading to a
  lawsuit that has just now come to trial.

Background info on the trial:

Overview with links:

Report on day one, with links to statements and testimony:
  I note that the plaintiffs' opening statement actually
  used the term "security through obscurity".

Report on day two, with links to testimony:

"Election Security Report"
  From the County Administrator to the Board of Supervisors

  The last 20 pages reproduce an article from 
    The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
    "Stop the Presses:  How Paper Trails Fail to Secure e-Voting"

  which quite one-sidedly favors cryptologic solutions to all
  problems.  It suggests things like cut-and-choose and zero-
  knowledge proofs ... which makes for a dramatic contrast with
  the appalling unsophistication of the Diebold machines that
  are actually being used.


  Disclaimer:  One of the attorneys in the case is T. A. Denker.
  Yes, he is my brother.  No, I have not learned _anything_
  about the case from him.  I am not involved in this case ...
  except to the extent that as a voter I have a stake in the


This is not an issue for the trial, but I can't help noting
that for years the Australians have been using a Linux-based 
e-voting system, with all code open to public review:

which makes another dramatic contrast with Diebold's stated
"need" for secrecy.

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