Guus Sliepen wrote:
Peter's write-up was the reason I subscribed to this cryptography
mailing list. After a while the anger/hurt feelings I had disappeared.
I knew then that Peter was right in his arguments. Nowadays I can look
at Peter's write-up more objectively and I can see that it is not as
ad-hominem as it felt back then, although the whole soundwave paragraph
still sounds very childish ;)

When tinc 2.0 will ever come out (unfortunately I don't have a lot of
time to work on it these days), it will probably use the GnuTLS library
and authenticate and connect daemons with TLS. For performance reasons,
you want to tunnel network packets via UDP instead of TCP, so hopefully
there is a working DTLS implementation as well then.

I have been considering the problem of encrypted channels over UDP or IP. TLS will not work for this, since it assumes and provides a reliable, and therefore non timely channel, whereas what one wishes to provide is a channel where timeliness may be required at the expense of reliability.

I have figured out a solution, which I may post here if you are interested.

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