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* Browser vendors don't employ security people as we know them on this mailgroup, they employ cryptoplumbers. Completely different layer. These people are mostly good (and often very good) at fixing security bugs. We thank them for that! But they are completely at sea when it comes to systemic security failings or designing new systems.

An excellent observation Ian!!

I too have run into this mindset at enterprises with inhouse security teams (mostly in Silicon Valley). They focus on the nuts and bolts like producing/using cryptographic libaries, fixing security bugs in code or configuring network appliances to stop intrusions. But it is really hard to find any of them with decent experience or knowledge at the overall software/hardware/people system design level. They are often very smart and educated engineers. I find that there's this "mindless" focus on using groups of "security" standards, e.g PKI / LDAP / SSL type of combinations, etc. The DoD contractor firms seem to be a little bit better at recognizing the system level aspects of security, although they too are often blinded by the emphasis on "COTS" security products.

- Alex

Alex Alten

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