On 11/2/2008 06:13, Ali, Saqib wrote:
I installed TrueCrypt on my laptop and ran some benchmark tests/

Benchmark Results:

1) Easy to use product. Simple clean interface. Very user-friendly!
2) Free and Open Source
3) Multiple Encryption and Hashing algorithm available.

1) Buffered Read and Buffered Transfer Rate was almost halved after
TrueCrypt FDE was enabled :-(.
2) Access Time for large file (250+MB) increased by 11%.
3) The initial encryption of the 120 GB HDD took 2 hours.

Actually, there is one major (but temporary) limitation to TC5: It does not process too well partitions that are not the system partition, but which share the same physical drive as the system partition, if you elect to encrypt the entire drive.

That is, if you decide to encrypt a whole physical drive that stores both C: (system) and D: (another partition), you are going to face a situation in which your D: partition is logically gone (until you re-decrypt the whole thing back). Next version will fix it, the team promises.


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