Hagai Bar-El wrote on 18 March 2008 10:17:

> All they
> need to do is make sure (through a user-controlled but default-on
> feature) that when the workstation is locked, new Firewire or PCMCIA
> devices cannot be introduced. That hard?

  Yes it is, without redesigning the PCI bus.  A bus-mastering capable
device doesn't need any interaction with or acknowledgement from the host,
it doesn't need any driver to be loaded and running, it just needs
electrical connectivity in order to control the entire system.  (I suppose
you could disable the BAR mappings when you go to locked mode, but that's
liable to mess up any integrated graphics set that uses system memory for
the frame buffer, and you'd better not lock your terminal while your SCSI
drives are in operation...)

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