The 2008 IEEE Key Management Summit (KMS) is currently seeking six panelists
to act as the voice of customers who have purchased or plan to purchase a
cryptographic key management solution.

The panels will be moderated by leading analysts Jon Oltsik of the
Enterprise Strategy Group, and Ramon Krikken of the Burton Group.

If you are interested in participating or know of someone who might be
interested, please send an e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Examples of industries we would like to hear from:

   - Financial -- banks, credit card processing, credit unions, mutual fund
   managers, etc
   - Health Care -- key management for HIPAA compliance, etc
   - Government -- handling sensitive but unclassified information

See more details at

About KMS 2008:

> The IEEE Key Management Summit brings together the top companies that
> develop cryptographic key management for storage devices with the standards
> organizations that make interoperability possible and the customers that
> rely on key management to secure their encrypted data.
> With recent legislation, such as California's SB 1386 or Sarbanes-Oxley,
> companies now have to publicly disclose when they lose unencrypted personal
> data.  To meet this new need for encryption, many companies have developed
> solutions that encrypt data on hard disks and tape cartridges.  The problem
> is that these data storage vendors need a solution for managing the
> cryptographic keys that protect the encrypted data.
> This summit aims to provide clarity to the key management by showing how
> existing products and standards organizations address the problem of
> interoperability and security.
> KMS 2008 is co-located with the IEEE Mass Storage and Systems Technologies
> conference <> (MSST) in Baltimore,
> Maryland on September 23-24, 2008.

Matt Ball, Chair, KMS 2008
Phone: 303-469-2469, Cell: 303-717-2717

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