Eric Young wrote:
> I've not looked at it enough yet, but currently I'm doing an AES round
> in about 140 cycles a block (call it 13 per round plus overhead) on a
> AMD64, (220e6 bytes/sec on a 2ghz cpu) using normal instructions. 
Urk, correction, I forgot I've recently upgraded from a 2ghz machine to
So that should read about 182 cycles per block, and 18 cycles per round.
I though the number seems strange :-(.  I tent to always quote numbers
from a 2-3 second run encrypting a 4k buffer, not a machine cycle
counter over one or two blocks, so I leave myself open to this kind of
error :-(

Still, looking further at the various SSE5 instructions, I'm having
difficultly seeing how
to avoid instruction dependencies when using the SIMD instructions
(specifically using PPERM to implement the sbox).


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