Bill Frantz writes, in part:
 | In the San Francisco Bay Area, they are using the transponder codes
 | to measure how fast traffic is moving from place to place. They
 | post the times to various destinations on the electric signs when
 | there are no Amber alerts or other more important things to
 | display. It is quite convenient, and they promise they don't use it
 | to track people's trips.

Look for general tracking to appear everywhere.
Fast declining gasoline tax revenues will be
replaced with per-mile usage fees, i.e., every
major road becomes a toll road.  Most likely
first in will be California and/or Oregon.

The relationship to this list may then be thin
excepting that the collection and handling of
such data remains of substantial interest.  Of
course, everyone who carries a cell phone has
already decided that convenience trumps security,
at least the kind of security that says "they
can't misuse what they ain't got."


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