Does anyone know of a cheap USB random number source?

As a meandering comment, it would be extremely good for us if we had
cheap pocket random number sources of arguable quality [1].

I've often thought that if we had an open source hardware design of
a USB random number generator ... that cost a few pennies to add
onto any other USB toy ... then we could ask the manufacturers to
throw it in for laughs.  Something like a small mountable disk that
returns randoms on every block read, so the interface is trivial.

Then, when it comes time to generate those special keys, we could
simply plug it in, run it, clean up the output in software and use
it.  Hey presto, all those nasty software and theoretical
difficulties evaporate.

A TPM has random numbers of arguable quality. I'm happy to argue either side of it, but that's not what you asked.

A cheap USB camera would make a good source. The cheaper the better, too. Pull a frame off, hash it, and it's got entropy, even against a white background. No lava lamp needed.


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