Travis <> writes:

>I have never seen a good catalog of computationally-strong pseudo-random
>number generators.  It seems that everyone tries to roll their own in
>whatever application they are using, and I bet there's a lot of waste and
>inefficiency and re-inventing the wheel involved.
>If this true, or is there a survey somewhere?

I did a (hopefully) reasonably comprehensive analysis of what was around in
the late 90s in my thesis, available via (there's an updated
version available as "Cryptographic security architecture: design and
verification", published by Springer), specifically chapter 6, "Random number
generation".  This covers PRNGs from AC2, X9.17, PGP 5.x, /dev/random, Skip,
ssh (that is, the implementation), SSLeay/OpenSSL, CryptoAPI,
Capstone/Fortezza, the Intel PIII generator, and some other bits.


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